For over a decade, Gerald D. Thomas has cultivated his expertise in collaborating with emerging artist luxury brands, corporations, beauty brands, non-profits, and prominent individuals. As a distinguished professional, Gerald assumes the role of the authentic voice behind innovative and socially conscious brands, effectively fostering genuine community engagement.

Gerald stands out as a cultural craftsman who embraces calculated risks. He is known for his commitment to achieving tangible outcomes, his pioneering spirit, and his adeptness at leveraging resources. His work ethic is marked by diligence, integrity, and consistent delivery. As the Founder and Principal Publicist of an acclaimed agency owned by a Black entrepreneur, Gerald has established himself as one of the most sought-after young talents, with a track record that speaks for itself.

Gerald Thomas has garnered both local and national recognition for his unparalleled fusion of entertainment and social advocacy. Noteworthy

achievements include his creation of events such as Little Rock’s Brunchfest, Blue Jeans and Bubbles, and The Black Derby Brunch. He earned distinction as the youngest recipient of the King Kennedy Annie Abrams Community Service Award, the National UNCF Alumni of the Year Award for Philander Smith College, and the 2021 Cystic Fibrosis Finest Young Professional for the State of Arkansas. Most notably, Gerald was recently honored with the 2022 Arkansas Traveler proclamation, the highest accolade bestowed upon non-residents of Arkansas.

A graduate of Philander Smith College (now Philander Smith University) class of 2012, Gerald actively participates in multiple philanthropic and community-oriented boards, exemplifying his role as a dedicated community leader.